Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tsiba Education New Balance Trail Run Series–Merendal Wine Estate 20 Oct 2012

This past Saturday, the monthly Tsiba Eden Trail event was held at the Merendal Wine Estate.
As usual, the Tsiba events were very enjoyable – ideal for anyone wishing to see what trail running is all about – offering gentle 6 & 12km route options running amongst the vineyards.
I needed to put in some extra mileage before this Saturday’s Buffet Olives trail run, so I had a warm-up jog over the nearby Vissershok hill:
After some very stormy weather the night before, more than a few runners were glad to see the sun and blue skies:
.. some pics from the run:
Thinking of taking up trail running? The Tsiba events are an excellent place to start. Walkers are welcome too!
Events are usually posted here.

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