Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Cape Winter Trail Series–XL2: Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve Race Report

This past weekend was the 100th Wildrunner event held at the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. I entered the XL (Extra Long) event, because described it as “Gentle climbs and descents” – I think they forgot to mention “with the exception of one m#$%rse ascent up a mountain!”
Needless to say my calves are voicing their disapproval.
Also, don’t be fooled by the “flat” route for the first 10kms – much of it is rock-hopping along the coast – no room for running there… and look out for the resident seals – I almost ran over one – thankfully it gave a “friendly” growl before I had the chance.
A good portion of the route is single track, and while the views aren’t as abundant as the recent Greyton & Franschhoek trails, the view from the top is still worth the trek.
Organization from wildrunner was top notch – there was some rather nice cold refuelling drink half way and at the finish, and the route was amply marked with bright orange ribbons along the way. This came in rather handy when I took an unexpected detour in the coastal bush – thankfully one of those handy orange markers could be seen from atop higher ground, and I was back on trail.
On a side note – check out the line-up for next year’s summer trail series – some interesting night runs are included.
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Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve–Cape Winter Trail Series XL 2