Saturday, January 29, 2011

Strand Golf Course–29/01/2011

The last time I was on a golf course was about a month ago, probably the longest stretch in over a year. So when I ventured out to the Strand Golf Course as part of my company’s league competition, I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular in terms of my score for the day. I also hadn’t played the course before, so I expected there to be a few course management strokes I’d have to concede.

The weather was just over 30 degrees with a slight breeze. While I was glad that the famous blustery wind of the area had stayed away, the heat would provide it’s own challenge. I must say that I was quite impressed by Strand’s practice facilities, and the condition of the course, especially the heat that we’ve had of late.

                           SDC10996 [1600x1200]

My fears were realized on the front 9 – where I took Driver about 3 times when I should have teed with the hybrid. The front 9 is rather tricky, with course management being more relevant than the more open back 9.

                     SDC10997 [1600x1200]

My drives weren’t all that great over the front 9, but I did, however, manage to get 2 birdies in the first 4 holes. Thanks to them, I managed to grind out a 42, but due to a lost lay-up ball, and 2 easy missed putts, I only achieved 14 stableford points. Our league competition is based on 9-hole stableford points scores, so I was going to have to get my act together for the back 9.

                    SDC10998 [1600x1200]


The back 9 went much better. My Driver came to the party, and I had a few great chips from off the green. On one par 5, I missed the green just left with my second, fluffed a chip short with the 3rd, fluffed a chip in the teeth long over the green for the 4th, and then promptly chipped it in the hole for par. What a wonderful game golf is Smile. I was looking at about 21 points for the back 9, right up until my final approach, a bread-and-butter 100m SW shot which I usually put within a few meters of the hole. It wasn’t to be, as I promptly stabbed it into the water in front of the green, making what should have been an easy 5 into a 7. Still, 41 / 19 pts for the back 9 and 83 was all a good day’s work for this 11 handicapper.

                   SDC10999 [1600x1200]


Overall it was a very pleasant experience. We never had to wait once for the players in front of us (and we were playing team medal for the club competition!), we started a few minutes early (despite being one of the last tee boxes for the day), the greens and course were in excellent condition, the facilities are more than adequate, and the interaction with the staff there (of what little I had) was very pleasant.

If you’re into golf and in the Strand area, I highly recommend a visit to the course.


                  SDC11000 [1600x1200]