Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Safari Half Marathon 1 May 2012

So I had the chance to run my 3rd Half Marathon for the year: The Safari Half Marathon. Even though I’ve done quite a few races in the Western Cape, this had evaded me, so it was my first time out in the Wellington farmlands. What a beautiful race!
The weather was awesome – for a while I had flashes of a rain-drenched Two Oceans when I saw the weather forecast days before the race. Thankfully the rain stayed away.
I must say, that besides having beautiful scenery, this is probably one of the best organized races I’ve attended (and I’ve attended quite a few - 50+ at last count). The SPAR water table about 4km from the end was an awesome pick-me-up Smile, and the general support from the Wellington community on route was outstanding - probably some of the best coming from the local farm kids shouting “HOU BENE HOU – HOU BENE HOU!”
Definitely recommended as a family event – with a small market selling all sorts at the finish.
The course itself has quite a few ups and downs:

… and here are some pics
I’ll definitely be back again next year – hopefully in better shape Smile with tongue out.

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