Sunday, May 27, 2012

Middlevlei New Balance Trail Run 13km 26 May 2012

So I had originally intended for my first trail run in my new inov8 shoes to be the Salomon Bastille Day Trail Run, but I couldn’t get a booking early enough for golf this weekend, and there happened to be a trail run out in Stellenbosch, so I entered – eager to test-drive the new shoes off-road.
As first trail run experiences go, I could probably not have done much better.
Gentle (though quite steep for a road-runner) hills and pretty awesome weather.
Before I waffle on about the details – pictures say it better than I can:
The race follows a circular loop around the MiddleVlei Wine Estate just outside Stellenbosch. You’re given the choice of a single revolution of about 6.5km, or twice around 13km. The race description said “Gentle Climbs And Descents”, but to this first-time-trail-runner it was more like kill-your-lungs-and-legs-slippery-hills terain. I’m not ashamed to say I walked all the “gentle climbs”.
The weather was perfect – the sun was out on the first loop, and just when I was getting a little too warm, the rain came down and cooled me off – the gentle drizzle kind.
The race was in aid of TSiBA Education, and apparently there are monthly trail runs on local wine farms from the organizers.
Looking forward to the next one Smile.
Happy Running.

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