Saturday, November 12, 2011

Devonvale Golf Club–12/11/2011

Time for another company golf game. Played here a month ago and scored 20 points on a 9, so I was hopeful. The weather was great – the golf – not so much.
Thanks to Stephan, Ronnie and Willie for the great company – looking forward to Erinvale this coming Friday!
PS: Devonvale halfway house food is always great!
Some pics of the day:
IMG_0033 [1600x1200]IMG_0034 [1600x1200]
IMG_0035 [1600x1200]IMG_0038 [1600x1200]
IMG_0039 [1600x1200]IMG_0040 [1600x1200]
IMG_0042 [1600x1200]IMG_0045 [1600x1200]
Congrats to Stephan for an excellent birdie on the 13th!
PPS: If you’re into running, cycling or swimming, and want to make a difference for those less fortunate through your sport – check out Distance for a Difference

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  1. Hi Malcolm. Great pics thanks. Yes the company was great indeed. Looking forward to the final games! Thanks for the D4D mention as well.