Thursday, December 22, 2011

Milnerton 20 December 2011

Visited the milnerton golf club for the first time in about 10 years, and wow has the condition of the course improved! Bonus for the day was that the wind wasn’t howling as it usually does at this coastal course.
The club-house hasn’t changed much – and isn’t all that impressive – since it maintains much of what was over the last 20 years:
From the first tee, one gets a glimpse of the generous fairways – which you’re going to need if the wind is gusting as it usually does.
A blind shot over the hill on the 2nd. Aim for the wind-sock
The fairways are firm – offering decent roll on well-placed drives. A word of warning about the greens – they’re rather firm – but in great condition.
The course has recently evolved into an estate with properties scattered through-out the course
Milnerton is probably one of the few courses where the halfway house is actually a completely seperate halfway house. Lunch was decent enough. On the turn home, you’re greeted with some great views of table mountain across the bay
The last 3 holes have the lagoon flanking the left of the fairway, and if the south easter is blowing – a very strong head-wind.
On the last hole – you’re well advised to keep your aim toward the lighthouse.
This was also my first time booking the golf through – and I was relieved to see our bookings had been made without any issues, and at a reasonable price.

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