Sunday, February 6, 2011

Worcester Golf Course–05/02/2011

It’s been a little over a year since I last visited Worcester (a Gary Player Course Design), but since it’s my home club this year, and I had a free round for joining, I thought I’d make the hour drive out from Cape Town and play there. Our tee time was 6:30, so it was a rather early morning – but rather that than have to play in the 33 degree heat that was forecast for the day. This was also the first game after I’d had a few of my clubs custom fit, so I was looking forward to not having to spend as much time in the fynbos as I usually do at Worcester. The drive up was very pleasant – the views are magnificent, and the huguenot tunnel is always a novelty.

Some pics before tee-off:

From the club-house:


Down the first hole:


Morning Sunrise:


I was quite eager to see how the new Driver setup was going to work out – needless to say I was a little disappointed to see the first drive blocked out about 30 meters right of the fairway past the local driving range. Luckily the distance was pretty good, and I had an easy SW into the green – PAR. So far so good, and with views like these – I had a feeling it was going to be a good day:


Now with the previous driver length, I had developed a swing specific to the driver, which, as it turned out, wasn’t working so well with the new shortened length. After 3 holes of the old swing not working out (and a double bogey on the 3rd), I decided to revert back to my traditional swing that I use for all my other clubs, and lo and behold – a 260m driver on the stroke 1 hole! (the first of a few for the day).
The view from the tee box was also something to behold:



from the fairway:


… and one of the better looking par 3’s I know of:


By the 8th hole Par 5, I was only 3 over par, and had landed in GIR, but some sadistic green keeper had put the pin on the edge of a down slope, hence affording me the time to practice my putting with a 4-putt double bogey! I managed to par 6 of the 9 holes and lost zero balls so far to the fynbos, so I was feeling pretty good about my club adjustments.

A word of warning to those who haven’t been to worcester golf course – be prepared to see a lot of this:


So the day had gone pretty good so far, and the icing on the cake that confirmed that changes I had made to the clubs, was a 260m drive and putt for Eagle on the final Par 5 hole – which sadly I missed, but was grateful for the opportunity – and ending with a birdy and closing 39 is never a bad thing Smile.

Some more views from the back 9:




We finished the round about 10am, just in time to miss the intense mid-day sun. On the way out I ran into my dream car:


… and after a long morning in the sun, one of these went down pretty well:


Before I go, some pics an ex colleague took of the course in the winter time:

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